Who is Localflirt.co.uk for?

Everyone who is at least 18 years of age and seriously looking for some fun is welcome! But even if you're just looking for nice contact or maybe friendship, you are very welcome.

How do I become a member?

To subscribe to this site, you should first go to Localflirt.co.uk. Once you're there, you'll find a red bar with 4 options at the top of the website. Click on the last option: Register now for free!. A form will appear then with the title: Register now for free! Complete your details, and when you are done, click the button at the bottom: Register now for free!. You are now registered on Localflirt.co.uk.

As easy as that!!

Is a profile photo required?

A profile picture is not mandatory for any of our members. However, it is a known fact that having a profile picture makes a nicer impression and leads to more discussion material, etc. We notice that members with a profile picture get more messages than members without a profile picture. Therefor we highly advise to upload a profile picture. However, you are completely free in this choice.

Who has access to my profile?

Your profile is strictly private and no one else other than you has access to your profile. This website is operated by BD Technologies AG. Personal information from users of BD Technologies AG products and services is treated carefully and safely. Company adheres to the Personal Data Protection Act.

What is a safe password?

Of course it is important that you choose a safe password so that only you can access your profile. The best thing is to take a password of at least 6 characters, including numbers. Do not include an existing password or personal information such as your birthday. Choose a new password that is not easy to guess for others.

What to do when another member of Localflirt.co.uk shows annoying or inappropriate behavior?

When you receive unwanted messages and / or unwanted behaviour, please contact the helpdesk at: team@localflirt.co.uk. When we receive your mail, we will act immediatly.

What are credits?

To send messages to other members on Localflirt.co.uk, you have to buy credits. You will find these credits on our website under the heading ''Buy Credits''. A credit pack is a package that you buy with multiple credits, the price per credit becomes cheaper as you buy a bigger package.

Sending a flirt also costs a credit. A wink can be sent free of charge.

Localflirt.co.uk offers different creditpacks:

  • CreditPack 8, costs £10.00
  • CreditPack 25, costs £30.00
  • CreditPack 45, costs £50.00
  • CreditPack 100, costs £100.00
  • CreditPack 250, costs £200.00
Which payment methods are allowed?

Localflirt.co.uk offers these payment methods to buy credits:

  • Creditcard
  • Bank transfer
  • Paysafecard
What can I do when I can not log in or sign up?

It may occur that the browser you are using does not open the site properly. We recommend that you try again in another browser. If it still fails, please contact us at: team@localflirt.co.uk.

I lost my username and/or password, what can I do?

Send a mail to team@localflirt.co.uk and we can help you out

What are winks?

A wink can be send to someone to attract his or her attention.

What are flirts?

A flirt can be sent to show interest in that person. You clarify that you want to know more about him or her and that you want contact.

How do I remove my Localflirt.co.uk profile?

You can delete your profile easily by navigating to "My account" page and then clicking on "Delete my profile". You can also contact us if you face any issues trying to delete your profile. Please send an email to the following email address if you want us to close your account team@localflirt.co.uk. As soon as your account is deleted you will receive a confirmation.

How does the Spotlight work?
The principle is simple: you choose the period of time you wish your profile to appear in the Spotlight for (24h to 1 month renewable), you pay the corresponding credits and ... there you have it! Your profile will automatically be added to the Scrolling Spotlight at the top of the page and will appear first in the search results.
How can I request my personal information?
You can submit a request by e-mail. You can find the e-mail address on the contact page.
Does the website contain fictional profiles?
The Website offers a Chat Service with the aim of flirting with Fictional Profiles, whereby flirting is understood to mean the exchange of erotic chat messages for a fee of a certain amount per Chat Message. The Website works exclusively with Fictional Profiles and is not intended for the realization of physical agreements.
What is the Spotlight?
The Spotlight allows you to make your profile appear among the top search results on the site. You maximise your chances of being noticed and therefore contacted by other members. It's proven that the profiles in the Spotlight get more messages and flirts than others. This significantly increases your chances of successful dating!
Are there any additional charges using credit card on Localflirt.co.uk?
It costs you nothing. The merchant does not charge any fees. Your purchase incurs no transaction fee, no membership fee, no currency conversion fee, no foreign transaction fee, and no other fees. Your card issuer, however, may add a foreign transaction fee if your card was issued in a country different from the merchant's, as well as any other fees described in the terms and conditions for your card.